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French classes via Skype
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in English I en français
We will speak together in French
  • Your teacher will be a  specialist French native professional  who graduated both  in French  and  in English 

  • The classes are  one-on-one and  fully individualised 

  •  Your pace  will set  the pace of the classes 

  • You may be an  outright beginner  or  fully fluent  in search of practice or upkeep,  you will be coached accordingly in a friendly atmosphere 

  • Your own level will be the initial level of study

  • You will have your classes  comfortably from your home or your office , hassle-free

  • Start your day with your French class  while you are fully rested  and  in the best learning spirit 

  • Senior students will exercise their memory and stay intellectually agile

  • The  organisation and content of the classes  as well as  the topics discussed  will be  your choices 

  •  Efficiency is at its peak  : no time, no energy wasted

  •  Online classes bring a major plus  : studying via  Skype  will give you a unique opportunity to  interact both in speaking and in writing  with your French teacher and then make it possible to  save and/or print out  the transcript of your class

  • On  Skype  you will enjoy  outstanding sound quality  no matter if you are on a computer, a tablet or a cellphone

  • The classes are  30 or 60 minutes  each for  best cost-effectiveness 

  • You will learn the most recently coined French idioms

  • Depending if French matters to you in connection with  your profession ,  your education ,  your social life  or  your personal interests , the classes will be  designed purposely and individually 

  •  Flexibility  is our trademark : we offer  short-notice booking  so that you can have a class  whenever you need it or feel like it 

>>>  How the French classes work out 
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